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The Italian Publishing House leader in finance, fashion and luxury information for the upper class

Class Editori has created during the years several partnerships with leading international media groups and with some selected Chinese companies.

Dow Jones&Co.
Since 2001, Class Editori has the exclusivity for the contents of The Wall Street Journal for Italy; since 2002, Dow Jones and Class Editori are 50%-50% partner in the business newswire MF Dow Jones News.

Class CNBC - NBCUniversal
In 2001, CNBC (a division of NBCUniversal) agreed to join its forces with Class Editori forming Class CNBC, a business television joint venture. Nowadays Class CNBC is the one and only business TV in Italy.

Eccellenza Italia
From 2012, Class Editori publishes in Chinese "Eccellenza Italia" (magazine, website and app) designed to communicate with Chinese consumers and travellers. Since 2016 it is published also in English. Eccellenza Italia is distributed in selected locations, in China and in Italy: airports lounges, selected flights, tour operators and private banking branches of Bank of China, restaurants, hotels.

Xinhua News Agency
From 2010 Class Editori has a longstanding partnership with the media agency Xinhua News, concerning exchange of news and joint organization of events.

In 2014, Class Editori signed an agreement with the Chinese company Century Fortunet Limited for the development of the Chinese e-commerce platform CCIGMall, designed for B2B and B2C, with the contribution of Bank of China, China UnionPay, China Telecom and China Council for the promotion of international trade. Class Editori is the main supplier for the food & beverage sector, as well as the main agent for the fashion, luxury goods, accessories and design, and the exclusive agent for the production of content and the collection of advertising from Italy.

In 2014 Class Editori signed a joint venture with Italian International Radio and Media srl (IIRM), part of the Chinese group HMI, owner of many radio frequencies in many countries in the world, to control Radio Cina Italia (in the interest of China Radio International CRI).

Sasseur Holding Company
In 2015, Class Editori signed an agreement with the Shanghai based Sasseur Holding Company, concerning collaboration for the incoming of Italian designers garments in selected malls of the Sasseur Holding group in China.

Milano Fashion Global Summit in China
Class Editori and CDRTV Chengdu Radio & Television signed a memorandum of understanding to organize the Milano Fashion Global Summit in the city of Chengdu.

Warrios Media
In 2016, Class Editori has signed an agreement with the media company Warriors Media, a Chinese group specialized in outdoor tv, to mutually sell advertising in China and in Italy and to use Warrios Media’s exclusive technology in Italy.

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