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The Italian Publishing House leader in finance, fashion and luxury information for the upper class
 Electronic publishing

Coordinated by the subsidiary e-Class, the electronic publishing activity regards the supply of data, informations and financial news through various multimedia platforms, including cable, satellite, intranets, the Internet, tv and Instore\Radio.

e-Class offers a wide range of customized services and innovative products that belong to two highly specialized areas, Finance and Corporate TV | Radio Instore.


Customizes and realizes a wide range of professional financial workstation and of on-line trading platforms. MF PRO is an innovative platform intended for professional users who can access real time information from all major world stock exchanges, as well as a series of exclusive content of Class Editori.

MF WEB is the multi-channel platform that renders available all content and databases managed by e-Class, with the ability to adapt services to specific customer requirements, satisfying their needs in the best possible way.

MF TRADING 2. is the new online trading platform which addresses the banking market, allowing banks clients to trade directly on main financial markets.

Corporate TV e Instore Radio

Is responsible for the creation, implementation and management of corporate multimedia productions InStore TV and Radio.

Through the Corporate TV offers to Corporates world, an extremely efficient internal communication media, easy to integrate with the media and communications tools that already exist within each organization.

Instore Radio is the new media designed for facilities and stores of Companies and Financial Institutions, which allows to entertain and inform by communicating to customers with more accurately and efficiently compared to other media.

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