Telesia (, listed on the stock market since February 2017, is the Italian leader in GO TV. Through its networks, Telesia Airport,Telesia MetroTelesia TrainTelesia Bus - 4,766 screens - every week informs and entertains 27.9 million passengers all around Italy, in contexts of high attention.

Telesia Airport has the largest coverage in Italy: it operates in 15 airports with a broadcast system consisting of 325 screens strategically positioned in the busiest passenger transit and waiting areas, from boarding gates to lounges, bar and restaurants.

Telesia Metro broadcasts with exclusive right on the Milan, Rome and Brescia underground lines, via 405 wide screens positioned on the platforms of 72 stations.It offers passengers a daily programmes schedule of editorial content updated in real time.
Its successful format combines public service information with a wide range of programmes and advertising designed to entertain metro users during short and frequent moments spent waiting.

Telesia Train broadcasts on an exclusive basis in the carriages of the Rome underground system.The service covers all trains operating on all lines (A, B and Roma Lido), with screens positioned every 6 metres.

Telesia Bus is the GO TV designed for commuters of local public surface transport.A new media that makes the travel experience more enjoyable for millions of passengers of public transport.
A daily programme schedule broadcasted via 1,000 screens in 500 buses, with infotainment content: institutional and travel informations, breaking news, weather forecasts, advertising, sport, music, entertainment and other contents.